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Hey Friends! Im doing some spring cleaning and need to reduce some of my equipment that is taking up space. This is equipment that I have used in many investigations. Id be happy to include free instruction on using it, if needed.

Feel free to send me an email if interested.

Asking $500. Its an extremely great price!

  • (4) Day/Night Color Cameras
  • (4) Cables for cameras
  • (4) Adapters for cameras
  • (3) Lite-On DVD Recorders
  • (2) Carrying cases for DVD Recorders
  • (1) Control Box
  • (1) 15 Monitor w/Carrying case
  • (2) Tripods w/1 Tripod carrying case
  • (4) Olympus Recorders w/carrying case
  • (1) Large Carrying Case for Equipment





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