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Two Cents' Worth

Spirit Activity

For those people experiencing spirit activity, I suggest keeping a journal for a month. The journal should include the date, the time of day, and the person(s) who witnessed the event. It should also include the event with as many details as possible. After a month has passed, share this journal with the paranormal team of your choice. It will provide them better insight of the activity you may be experiencing.

Ghost Hunting

If you are new to ghost hunting and want to learn more, there are many good books on how to ghost hunt and what equipment is needed. My suggestion is to read these books as they will provide a lot of great information. There are also many conferences on the subject where you can learn more and meet those with years and years of experience in the field. These conferences are a great source of networking too!

There are many local Meetup groups on the subject. Some of these groups are run by paranormal teams that offer exciting and fun ghost-hunting opportunities.

Ghost Hunting Television Shows or Movies

Ghost hunting shows are a little scary but fun to watch, I have to admit. The serious paranormal movies are just plain scary.

Each of the ghost hunting shows we watch is slightly different. Some can come across as scary too because of the demonic implications, while others seem to cross the line a bit. Maybe some have some likeable group members. And, even though the groups are knowledgeable about what they are doing, these shows (like all television shows) are made to grab and keep your attention.

What we have to keep in mind is that television is meant to entertain and thereby to make money. If these ghost hunting shows didn't find any type of voices or visuals every time, they wouldn't have viewers and if they didn't have viewers they wouldn't make money.

If we focus on the big screen, the ghost or spirit movies have always been made to prey on preconceived notions of good and evil. It's art and it's drama. While some movies are taken from real life events, one has to remember, it's going to be dramatized in order to make it appealing.

The television shows have supervising producers, editors, directors, production supervisors, story producers, dialog editors, field coordinators and so on and on.

My point is, when watching ghost hunting shows or movies, don't associate what you see on television or at the theatre as accurate to real life.




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